The Basics of Sports Betting at a Sportsbook


If you are a newcomer to sports betting, you need to know the basics before you start placing your bets. In this article, we’ll cover the Rules for first-half bets, cash-out bets, Grand Salami bets, push and handle bets, and more. These rules are designed to help you place bets with the proper odds and reduce the risk of making outsized gains.

Rules for first-half bets

You can place bets on individual parts of games with first-half bets at a sportbook. First-half bets are similar to those on basketball second-half bets, but they differ slightly. A first-half bet requires that the team leading by at least two points at halftime, while a second-half bet only uses the third and fourth quarters.

Rules for cash out bets

Choosing to cash out a bet in a sportsbook is a good option when your bet looks good but you have a small amount left in your account. Unlike a straight bet, however, cash outs can be used to lock in a small profit if the Red Sox win or lose. The cash out amount is always less than the winning wager but more than zero, so it acts as a risk mitigation measure.

Rules for Grand Salami bets

A grand salami is a wager that consists of multiple occurrences. The total number of listed events must be completed before the bet can be considered a winner. If any event goes unplayed, there will be no action. Similarly, the Over/Under position for athletes or performers must be interpreted as a higher or lower position. The payout of a Grand Salami is 50k in most sportsbooks.

Rules for push and handle bets

If the outcome of a sporting event is tied, the bettor’s money will be returned. Pushes are common in sports with point spreads, but they can also happen in over/under wagering. The rules for these types of bets differ slightly between sportsbooks. In general, push bets are not punished by the Sportsbooks. You’ll find them in basketball, baseball, and football games.

Rules for site credit bets

A site credit is money deposited into your account to use for future bets. A customer can use it as site credit to make multiple wagers, like placing a $50 wager on a football game and another $100 on a baseball game. However, you cannot withdraw this money – only winnings can be withdrawn. If you have site credit, you must use it within seven days.

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