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Inclusion & Birthdays


The policies of Griffin Nursery School apply to EVERYONE who applies and enrolls; and we hope many kinds of families WILL join us.

We do not and will not discriminate against enrolled or applying families on the basis of the race, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or learning abilities of you or your child. We do reserve the right to balance the genders and ages of children in our classes, as we believe from collective professional experience that balancing these factors aids the children’s social development.

The Director is responsible for enforcing all school policies and ending any discriminatory actions that take place on school premises, during school operations, or in the school’s name. By the same token, we expect parents of enrollees and applicants to act responsibly and without biases.



At Griffin Nursery School, the children determine their own degree of interest in cultural events like birthday celebrations and holidays.

The teachers will assist your child in carrying out whatever form of birthday celebration s/he would like, if s/he wants one at all, provided it is not exclusionary. (We will also hold to our “no sugar/no peanut or tree nut” policy.)

The staff does not organize holiday parties, as the tensions associated with them tend to outweigh the pleasures. However, the children sometimes do. One group of youngsters, to the teachers’ surprise, conducted a wedding on their last day of school.

We do invite diverse cultural activities into the program through cooking, literature, and parent participation in group times or small group projects.