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Interested families are welcome to call us any time of the year, but our enrollment process for each school year doesn’t begin in earnest until after the preceding Thanksgiving, when we begin to arrange one-on-one visits with interested families.

Our Application/ Information Forms can be downloaded here:

or we can mail you a brochure with an enclosed Application/ Information Form if you email Betsy It is free to complete; and it determines your place on our waiting list.

Our visiting time is from 9am to 9:45am on a prearranged weekday morning. If you are applying your child for the coming school year, we would like you to bring him/ her along. When you arrive, we hope you will enjoy yourselves, ask questions, and let your child explore as independently as possible. This face-to-face meeting between you and the Director helps us all determine whether the Griffin Nursery School program will be suitable for you and your child.

We use a rolling admissions policy; so please call or e-mail Betsy Nachman, Director, within a week after your visit to let us know if you would like to proceed with enrolling your child. If we can offer you a space that works for your child and your family, we will mail you our Admission Agreement (contract) and Parent Policy Handbook.

Please sign the Admission Agreement and mail or hand-deliver it to Griffin Nursery School within one week after you receive it. An Enrollment Deposit equal to one month’s tuition and used toward tuition for your child’s last August with us is due with your contract and will reserve your child’s space. We will enroll on a first-come-first-served basis until we are full.