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Children & Parents


The school is licensed for eighteen children between the ages of two and first grade entry. The morning preschool is a class of eighteen children approximately 2.6 through 3.11. The afternoon prekindergarten is for 4- and 5-year-olds who all attend Mondays through Thursdays from 1pm to 5pm. Five morning preschoolers and five afternoon prekindergartners may additionally attend opposite sessions in order to have full-day care one to five days a week. We will offer Friday afternoon care if twelve families sign up.

Our teacher-to-child ratio is one-to-six in the mornings and afternoons. We take care to make our groups as gender- and age-balanced and diverse as possible.



You may be here because you have observed that your child wants more independence and more time around other children. You may also want or need to resume a career or other pursuits that you put aside during your years of pregnancy and infant and toddler care. We encourage you to use our school as a laboratory for your children and as an opportunity to initiate or resume your own activities outside the home.

However, we count on you as collaborators. We communicate as often as we can through brief daily check-ins, phone calls, googlegroups email, conferences, school meetings, potlucks, letters, and visits. Parents and staff begin to get acquainted as a group at our Summer Potluck in August; and at our Parent Night in September we get further acquainted. In October we have our first parent conferences, enjoyable and illuminating discussions that help us set goals for the children. We have conferences again in March, past the midway point of our twelve-month school year. After our Spring Break we have another Potluck to restore our soggy souls. Additional conferences or phone discussions can be arranged at any time.

Parent participation in the school community is not compulsory, but it is always welcome. We invite you to share your interests and talents at our group times; and we greatly appreciate volunteer labor for building improvements, fundraising efforts, professional advice, and donations of materials. Perhaps you will have your own ideas for projects or activities. Just ask, and we will put you to good use.