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Griffin Nursery School is a play-based nursery school with a social-emotional emphasis, where children’s interests and concerns drive their activities.

OUR PROGRAM: Our Morning Preschool serves children approximately 2.6 through 3.11; our Afternoon Prekindergarten is tailored for 4- and 5-year-olds; and our Extended-Day Program for five children of each age group, accommodates families that need full-day care. PLEASE COME FOR A VISIT!

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OUR STAFF: At Griffin Nursery School our staff is an affectionate, experienced, responsible, and talented group of people. We are a mature teaching staff, able to collaborate, solve problems, and implement ideas. We are always aware that we are role models for your children.

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OUR HISTORY: Dr. Elinor Fitch Griffin, a clinical psychologist and early childhood educator, founded Griffin Nursery School in 1955. Dr. Griffin opened one of the first student-directed schools for preschool children, convinced that this age group was especially suited for self-directed exploration.

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